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This Spanish verbs audio ebook enables you to conveniently and effectively learn Spanish around your busy schedule

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Have you struggled learning Spanish before? Do you avoid speaking Spanish because you can't think quickly enough? This is a Spanish audio ebook with one big difference.

One particular technique will make all the difference. It worked for me and I honestly believe it is the key to successfully learning any new language that much more easily.

The Secret to Easy and Enjoyable Language Learning

Hi! I'm Emma and I'm from the UK. I speak five languages and I've been bilingual in English and Spanish ever since I can remember.

I am fully aware of many, if not all, the difficulties that come with learning a new language. Learning five languages did indeed take a lot of work!

It was while easily learning my fifth language that I realized what I was doing differently this time that was making all the difference. If only I had known all along I would have learnt each language so much more quickly and easily and wouldn't have wasted so much time!

I can help you learn Spanish easily and, mostly importantly, enjoyably. There is one simple secret to gaining fluency in any language and you don't have to go anywhere near verb tables or vocabulary lists.

Start Speaking Spanish Straight Away

Spanish Verbs Audio BooksThis Spanish verbs audio book uses common regular verbs in over 650 everyday Spanish sentences so that you will learn lots of useful everyday phrases that you can start using straight away.

You will find yourself able to communicate with your Spanish neighbors in no time and your Spanish will improve exponentially as you find yourself able to hold more and more sophisticated conversations, each time requiring less and less effort.

You will be well on your way to speaking Spanish fluently before you know it. Download your Spanish audio book today for just $9.99 $4.99!

Learn Slowly, Improve Quickly

Two different sentence lengths are available throughout the Spanish audio book, to suit both complete beginners and intermediate/advanced Spanish speakers. You will be able to start using simple sentences straight away and only move onto more complex sentences when you feel comfortable doing so.

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Spanish Verbs Audio CD Download your copy today and receive this ebook's accompanying Spanish audio (worth $18) for FREE via mp3 download.

It is available at four different speeds: the slowest for complete beginners, the fastest for fluent Spanish speakers and two intermediate speeds in between. You will learn at your own speed with no pressure to go any faster than you're comfortable with.

Order today and receive over 7 hours of valuable Spanish audio via mp3 download at no extra cost!
Still just $9.99 $4.99!

Here's a sneak preview ...

Listen & Recognize

Beginners Audio

Improvers Audio

Intermediate Audio

Advanced Audio

Listen & Practice

Beginners Audio

Improvers Audio

Intermediate Audio

Advanced Audio

Spanish Verbs Audio Books Preview
Spanish Verbs Audio Books Preview

Feel Your Confidence Grow Effortlessly

Your Spanish comprehension will improve at a rate of knots and you will find yourself able to understand conversations between native Spanish speakers before you know it.

You will find practicing Spanish easier and easier as you become more and more confident and fluency will come automatically as you find yourself able to hold more and more sophisticated conversations as a matter of course.

Understand and Be Understood - More Quickly, More Easily

Spanish Verbs Audio Books Thanks to the well-enunciated audio, you will be able to practice correct pronunciation at a speed that you are comfortable with. You will have no need to learn any Spanish grammar, unless you want to, because you will subconsciously be learning what sounds right from the moment you start.

You yourself can choose to progress to a faster audio option once you feel comfortable at the slower speed. And by progressing to faster audio options only when you yourself feel ready, you will find that you're able to understand whole sentences without struggling to make out where one Spanish word ends and the next begins.

Order today and receive ANOTHER BONUS!

When you download your copy today, as well as receiving this ebook's accompanying Spanish audio for free, you will also receive a full and comprehensive vocabulary list of the 900+ everyday words used in this book.

This Spanish audio book has been specially written to provide lots and lots of new Spanish vocabulary, including food, drinks, clothes, colors, family members, numbers, days of the week, months of the year, seasons and much, much more.

You will learn a little bit at a time, whether you work your way through the book from front to back or dip into different sections at will.

Receive "Master Those Spanish Verbs!" ebook
(pdf format, legible with free pdf readers such as Acrobat Reader)

+ BONUS 1: accompanying mp3 audio in 4 different speeds
(worth $18)
(mp3 format, play on mp3 players or programs such as QuickTime)

+ BONUS 2: a comprehensive vocabulary list of
900+ everyday words
(pdf format, appendix to main ebook for your convenience)


(all delivered by direct download in less than 5 minutes via a broadband connection)

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You Can Learn Spanish Anywhere and at Any Time

The downloadable audio options mean that you can take your audio files with you wherever you go by loading them onto your mp3 player or your phone.

Spanish Verbs Audio CD You can listen to them anywhere, whenever you have a spare minute, and effortlessly learn Spanish around your daily schedule and when it's most convenient for you. You can also simply listen to the audio in the background when you are too busy to pay 100% attention.

You don't need much spare time to make rapid progress as you can listen to a few Spanish sentences while you're on the bus, waiting at the bank or doing the ironing. A few sentences each day or each week is all you need!

Flexibility and Choice, Just Right for You

Separate listen-and-practice and listen-and-recognize audio options are available for each and every sentence. You will practice correct Spanish pronunciation from the very beginning, using carefully enunciated listen-and-practice audio options at a speed that is right for you.

You can choose the listen-and-recognize audio option when you simply want to review sentences that you've already learnt or take a break from pronunciation practice to test your Spanish comprehension instead.

Progressing from Beginner to Fluent Spanish Speaker

Ten main verb tenses are covered in this Spanish audio book: two present, three past, two future, one conditional and two imperatives. You will learn these ten main Spanish verb tenses effortlessly through the repetition of useful, everyday sentences and without ever needing a verb chart.

Very quickly, you will find yourself able to choose the correct verb tense and conjugation without thinking, much the way we learnt to speak our native language as a child, simply through repeated listening.

You will progress from beginner to fluent Spanish speaker as you effortlessly build up a wealth of vocabulary a little bit at a time and you will be constructing your own Spanish sentences in no time by intuitively combining the everyday phrases that you learn.

Receive "Master Those Spanish Verbs!" ebook

+ BONUS 1: accompanying mp3 audio in 4 different speeds (worth $18)

+ BONUS 2: a vocabulary list of 900+ everyday words


Full 60-day Day Money Back Guarantee

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Succeed at Spanish offers a full 60-day money back guarantee. So, if you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason, simply request a refund. No quibbles, no questions asked.

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All You Need to Start Speaking Spanish Confidently

I've built this website to share my language-learning tips and techniques and create Spanish-learning resources that I wish had been available to me while I was working so hard at learning languages for all those years.

Succeed at Spanish provides you with everything you need to start speaking Spanish confidently in no time. You will find yourself learning Spanish more quickly, easily and enjoyably than you ever have before.

If you have any questions about this product prior to purchase, feel free to contact me at

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